Wallpaper from space : Fuji-mount

If you are a manga reader, an anime watcher or simply a Japan lover, you will absolutely know the Mount Fuji. It’s the Japan’s highest mountain (3776 m.a.s.l). Mount Fuji is part of the Unesco World Heritage List as a cultural asset (the 13th in Japan) for inspiring artists, poets and religious pilgrims (*). This mysterious mount is usually surrounded by clouds, so japanese people consider anyone who can get a clear view of it as lucky.

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View of Fuji mount (©: Planetware )

Since my early childhood, this mountain catches my eye. Indeed, when I used to watch « Detective Conan » anime and their mysterious murders in Fuji, I was hoping to have wings and fly above it and see it. Sentinel-2 satellite made this dream come true by allowing me to have a detailed view of it.

True color - 2017-07-11.png
True color image of Fuji taken on 8th May 2017 by Sentinel-2

This image is of very high quality and the contrast between the snow on the mountain and the green plain is amazing ! You can download it and use it as a wallpaper on your computer as I do. You can also see more details of the image or see the Fuji mountain on other dates here : Sentinel-hub.

Amazing Moroccan mountain from space !

Ce n’est pas un tableau artistique ! C’est les montagnes d’Immouzer ( Moyen Atlas Marocain ) couvertes de la neige et vues de l’espace. C’est une image est acquise le 29 Janvier 2017 par le satellite Sentinel-2.

C’est difficile d’expliquer une telle distribution de la neige de première vue, mais des hypothèses pourront être mises :

  • Effet du vent lors de l’accumulation de la neige.
  • L’effet du rayonnement solaire : Les zones qui sont exposées au Sud reçoivent plus de rayonnement solaire et par la suite elles ont une fonte de neige plus rapide que les autres.

Bref, peut importe la raison, le résultat est impressionnant et on ne peut que dire WOW !