Keukenhof , le plus grand champ de tulipes des Pays-Bas vu de l’espace

Keukenhof est le plus grand champ de tulipes des Pays bas. D’une superficie atteignant les 32 hectares ce parc est connu à l’échelle internationale et accueille plus de 800 000 visiteurs entre mars et mai. (Source).

Les milles couleurs présentes dans ce parc : tulipes, jacinthes, jonquilles, narcisses, ascaris , narcisses et orchidées sont détectées par Sentinel-2 le 6 mai 2017.

Bonne promenade depuis l’espace ! (Photos zoomées )


Wallpaper from space : Fuji-mount

If you are a manga reader, an anime watcher or simply a Japan lover, you will absolutely know the Mount Fuji. It’s the Japan’s highest mountain (3776 m.a.s.l). Mount Fuji is part of the Unesco World Heritage List as a cultural asset (the 13th in Japan) for inspiring artists, poets and religious pilgrims (*). This mysterious mount is usually surrounded by clouds, so japanese people consider anyone who can get a clear view of it as lucky.

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View of Fuji mount (©: Planetware )

Since my early childhood, this mountain catches my eye. Indeed, when I used to watch « Detective Conan » anime and their mysterious murders in Fuji, I was hoping to have wings and fly above it and see it. Sentinel-2 satellite made this dream come true by allowing me to have a detailed view of it.

True color - 2017-07-11.png
True color image of Fuji taken on 8th May 2017 by Sentinel-2

This image is of very high quality and the contrast between the snow on the mountain and the green plain is amazing ! You can download it and use it as a wallpaper on your computer as I do. You can also see more details of the image or see the Fuji mountain on other dates here : Sentinel-hub.