Snow heterogeneity in the #Middle_Atlas of #Morocco

Snow heterogeneity in the #Middle_Atlas of #Morocco
Snow heterogeneity in the #Middle_Atlas of #Morocco

LFC seen from space !

In the middle of England a supporter of Liverpool showed his love to the club differently. This by carving their letters in his field located in Titterstone Clee Hill.

Several media sources have published an aerial photo of this mystery ( Mirror, Liverpoool echo …) taken by  the Remote Sensing Surveyor and Air Camera Operator for the Ordnance Survey.


The carved field captured by the Remote Sensing Surveyor and Air Camera Operator for the Ordnance Survey.

Since I don’t have the U.K visa which allows to me to access to the territory and view this masterpiece I settled for researching  that view from space through the famous satellite Sentinel-2.

Luckily I found a dated picture of the 8th November 2017 that is not cloudless. With its spatial resolution (~15 m), we can identify the carved letters ( Sources said that the length of letters are approximately 150 m so they will be presented by a dozen of pixels).

The first image represents a global view of Titterstone Clee Hill. The second one is a zoomed view of the site we’re talking about. And the third one is zoomed view of the site by using greyscale colors which allows to better identify the « LFC » letters.

Global view of Titterstone Clee Hill. Captured by Sentinel-2 on 08-11-2017.
Zoomed view of the field. « LFC » are carved a little higher than the center of the image ( near the red dot )
Greyscaled (Panchromatic) view of the field. « LFC » words are more clear in the center ( near the red dot ).
Process to facilitate the visualization of the letters.

This man used his working resources ( farming ) to talk about Liverpool, and I also used my working resources ( remote sensing )  to do it x) !!

Heartbeat seen from space !

During my break I wanted to have some fun. I opened Sentinel-hub website and I started to scroll through the images of Morocco. Suddenly, a picture caught my attention, it’s a lagoon with a heart shape located in Moulay Bousselham.

RGB (12,8,4) - Short-wave Infrared - 2017-09-11
Moulay bousselham lagoon. Sentinel-2 false color image (12/8/4) bands

So I tried to create a gif from this image which illustrates the heartbeat.

First, I create two masks of water based on the NDWI index (For more infromation about it ) with different thresholds and color them with red. Then I merged the two images to create the heartbeat animation. I used two different backgrounds : i) True color background ii) Panchromatic background. And this is the final result :


Keukenhof , le plus grand champ de tulipes des Pays-Bas vu de l’espace

Keukenhof est le plus grand champ de tulipes des Pays bas. D’une superficie atteignant les 32 hectares ce parc est connu à l’échelle internationale et accueille plus de 800 000 visiteurs entre mars et mai. (Source).

Les milles couleurs présentes dans ce parc : tulipes, jacinthes, jonquilles, narcisses, ascaris , narcisses et orchidées sont détectées par Sentinel-2 le 6 mai 2017.

Bonne promenade depuis l’espace ! (Photos zoomées )