Heartbeat seen from space !

During my break I wanted to have some fun. I opened Sentinel-hub website and I started to scroll through the images of Morocco. Suddenly, a picture caught my attention, it’s a lagoon with a heart shape located in Moulay Bousselham.

RGB (12,8,4) - Short-wave Infrared - 2017-09-11
Moulay bousselham lagoon. Sentinel-2 false color image (12/8/4) bands

So I tried to create a gif from this image which illustrates the heartbeat.

First, I create two masks of water based on the NDWI index (For more infromation about it ) with different thresholds and color them with red. Then I merged the two images to create the heartbeat animation. I used two different backgrounds : i) True color background ii) Panchromatic background. And this is the final result :



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